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Welcome to the North Woods.

We are glad that you wondered into our little clearing in the forest to see what we can do for you and your business. We know that it is tough out there, and sometimes the money you spend on advertising gets lost in the forest of other advertisers who are trying to sell the same products or services. Corporate identity and branding have become a big deal to businesses who want to be successful. Easy access of information has become increasingly important to consumers. 10 years ago if someone wanted to know what was playing at the theater they looked in the paper or called…today most people use the internet.
10 years ago if you wanted to look up a business’s phone number to find out what time they closed you got out the Yellow Pages (have you ever tried to find anything in the Yellow Pages – let alone pay for advertising…it is usually an exasperating experience), today people use the internet. Almost every consumer under the age of 35 has grown up with a computer in their home and at school.

The big question you need to ask yourself is not IF you should have a web site for your business, but can you afford not to?

Our niche here at the North Woods Imaging Company is providing high quality web sites for small to medium sized businesses at a fair price. You can spend $5000 or even $10,000 for a web site built by one of the “big boys” very fast and easy. And you end up with a site that is great for a couple of months, but what happens when you want to change anything?  They hit you with service or maintenance charges. What if someone could build you a great web site that was relatively easy for a “non-geek” to be able to maintain?
That’s what we do – build great web sites that show off your products and services AND that anyone with an internet connection (and the password) can update and change. No software to buy. If you are web savvy enough to be able to email, then you are enough of a computer geek to be able to quickly learn how to change the content of your web site.
Click on the “Our Work” tab above and you will go to a page that has links to some of the sites that we have built recently.


Give us a call or shoot us an email and we can discuss your needs and wants for your little corner of the www.
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March 2015
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